The National Technical Team, Who Prepared Turkey’s first-ever Action Plan on Women's Employment, Holds Its First Meeting for Effective Monitoring

The National Technical Team (NTT) held its first meeting on 14 January 2020 in Ankara in the Phase II of the project to effectively monitor and ensure implementation of Turkey’s first-ever Action Plan focusing on women’s employment, created in the Phase I of the project “More and Better Jobs for Women” implemented by the International Labour Organization (ILO) and Turkish Employment Agency (ISKUR) with funding from Sweden.

News | 24 January 2020

Effective Monitoring and Implementation of Action Plan Targeted for Phase II

Under the project “Promoting Women's Access to More and Better Jobs-Phase II” implemented by ILO and ISKUR in 2019-2022 with funding from Sweden to increase the number of women working under decent conditions in Turkey, it is planned to effectively and sustainably monitor and implement the Action Plan.

The meeting held for that purpose formulated the outline of the work plan, schedule and roadmap for the activities to be undertaken in 2020-2022 by NTT.

Action Plan Generated Significant Results at Policy Level and Awareness

The Action Plan proposes actions around two key objectives of equipping women with vocational skills and guiding them to work to increase women’s employment as well as increasing women’s access to labour markets.

Drafted in an understanding of social dialogue by NTT composed of representatives of various public agencies, civil society, workers’ and employers’ organisations, the Action Plan on Women’s Employment was formulated to support ISKUR’s women-centred employment policies, provide women with access to decent job opportunities and enable ISKUR to implement the Action Plan as part of the “More and Better Jobs for Women-Phase I” project (2013-2018) implemented by ILO and ISKUR with funding from Sweden.

Important outcomes were achieved in the Phase I of the project at policy level as well as in achieving gender equality and creating awareness on working conditions to strengthen women’s employment in Turkey.

Roadmap Formulated at the Meeting

At the meeting, Ms. Ebru Özberk Anlı, Senior Programme Officer of the ILO Office for Turkey, provided information on the activities in 2013-2018 of the project and of the National Technical Team.

Mr. Uğur Tunç, Head of ISKUR Department of External Relations and Projects, expressed that ISKUR would provide all necessary support in the new phase of the project in monitoring and implementing both the project and the Action Plan. In addition, he emphasised that he firmly believed that the National Technical Team would engage in highly productive activities in this new phase as it did in the previous phase.

Ms. Tuba Burcu Şenel, Employment and Entrepreneurship Officer of the ILO Office for Turkey, provided information on the activities planned for monitoring and evaluating the Action Plan in 2020-2022.

Results-Oriented Training to Be Organised for the National Technical Team

It is planned under the project to deliver results-based training to NTT in the first half of 2020, and to outline a draft monitoring framework for submission to ISKUR’s approval following this training. A session was also held at the meeting to analyse needs for the intended training, with moderation of project consultant Dr. Gökçe Bayrakçeken Tüzel.