ILO contributes to gender mainstreaming through Participatory Gender Audit Training

The International Labour Organization (ILO) Office for Turkey organised “ILO Participatory Gender Audit (PGA) Training” in Ankara on 22-25 April 2019 for academicians and independent experts to understand the current state of gender equality practices, and contribute to gender mainstreaming at the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Services and confederations of workers and employers.

News | 26 April 2019
Training helps building capacity to conduct PGA at any entity

Provided under the “More and Better Jobs for Women” programme and based on ILO’s methodology, the training built the capacity to analyse policies and actions from gender perspective in any entity, not only for those targeted under the project, establish the baseline and plan the steps to improve gender equality, and a team was established for the purpose.

“Through such training, we are able to conduct ILO Participatory Gender Audit anywhere in Turkey and at any entity” said Prof.Dr. Saniye Dedeoğlu, as an academician among the trainees, and noted that it contributed significantly to gender mainstreaming in the institutions.

Based on the training provided, work will be undertaken to enhance institutional capacities for gender-responsiveness at the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Services and confederations of workers and employers, and member unions at selected sectors (metal, food, general works, office, trade and textiles.

Certificates awarded to trainees

Johanne Lortie, Senior Programme Officer of ILO International Training Centre (ITC), delivered the training that treated such headings as planning how ILO’s Participatory Gender Audit might be implemented in the context of the Labour Policies Department of Directorate-General of Labour, confederations and unions, reviewing the relevant documentation at such institutions, conducting desk reviews, interviews, workshops and data evaluation.

At the conclusion of the four-day training, participants were awarded certificates by Ms. Selin Yaşamış, National Programme Manager of the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) and Swedish Embassy which funded the project.
What is ILO Participatory Gender Audit (PGA)?

ILO PGA is an important instrument and participatory learning process to develop gender-responsive organisational culture. It does not mean an audit of the services or activities of an organisation.

Aiming to mainstream gender in all policies, services and functioning of the organisation, PGA analyses all actions of an organisation through gender lenses and establishes the baseline.
It involves establishing the baseline in the organisation, identifying good practices, and planning the future steps jointly with the organisation’s own staff. During the process, steps are identified to mainstream gender perspective in organisational policies, programmes and activities.