Rebuild the better present and the future together

Date issued: 03 July 2021 | Size/duration: 4:57

For a fair, secure, and inclusive today and future in work life, cooperatives are one of the best autonomous associations to put decent work and human at the center, aiming to reduce inequality with social responsibility and collaborative values such as helping and solidarity for society…

Operating in many fields around the world, cooperatives state that, no one should face a crisis such as a pandemic alone, you are not alone, as ILO Office for Turkey, we say “Let's rebuild better together for a decent work and reach social justice”! Let’s continue to support cooperatives without any discrimination where women, refugees, migrants and host community members come together.

As is known, over a decade, first Saturday of July is celebrated as #CoopsDay. Join us in our celebration, send us your happy moments from your work at the cooperation.