Watch the story of Batoul, the proud breadwinner of her family

Date issued: 19 August 2020 |

Life sweeps us along relentlessly, yet there comes a time when everything in your life has to change. Just like Batoul’s life did... Batoul Fathallah, 28 years old, has been in Turkey for two and a half years. She has to work because her spouse has health problems and she has a 10 years old son. She came across the “Opportunities for Lives Project” run by the ILO Turkey Office where various courses such as computing, inventory keeping, accounting, electrics etc. are offered. She chose the male dominant electricity course. “I like challenges, and God willing, I will succeed.” says Batoul.

The “Opportunities for Lives Project” provides opportunities for Syrians under temporary protection and Turkish citizens to acquire a good occupation and have a secure job to be integrated in the economy, thus in social life. Funded by the European Union, the Project is being implemented by the International Labour Organization (ILO) Turkey Office.