For better and for worse

Date issued: 17 August 2020 |

"My name is Emad Nayef. I work in fashion industry. I started my profession at the age of 15 in Aleppo, Syria. I grew up in the sector and founded my own bridal atelier at an early age. I worked very hard. I organised fashion shows, attended TV programmes and I was renowned in Syria. When the war began, I moved to Turkey. I chose to settle in Istanbul. Why Istanbul? Because Istanbul is a fashion city, just like Paris, just like Milan. When I first came to Istanbul, I worked for a company as a designer for two years. There, I learned where to get the materials and had an idea about how I could work in Istanbul. First, I opened a small atelier. For this atelier, I found customers that I could do both retail and wholesale export. Once exports started, I needed more personnel. I hired a machinist and a fastener. That is why I needed a bigger space. I found it and I moved in. I received both financial and moral support through the “Opportunities for Lives Project”, thank you."

Among Syrians under temporary protection (SuTP), there are many qualified people who already established successful businesses before coming to Turkey. Benefiting from the skills and experiences of these professionals by including them in our economy would be a win-win. Qualified professionals adapt to work life in our country quickly. New colors and textures brought by masters experienced in business lines enrich our culture. We are happy that Syrian entrepreneurs and professionals who have their work permits like Emad are included formally in work life through the “Opportunities for Lives Project”. Their inclusion and experiences contributes to our country.