ILO Office for Türkiye in the media

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    Win-win: Free masks for small enterprises, formal work for Syrian refugees

    11 May 2021

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    Numan Ozcan, Director of International Labour Organization Office for Turkey, says as UN declares 2021 as the Year for the Elimination of Child Labour

    01 May 2021

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    News about Webinar on Launch of the Report on Measuring the Gender Pay Gap in Turkey (30 September 2020)

    13 October 2020

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    News in the Daily Cumhuriyet on 19 September 2020

    19 September 2020

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    News in the Daily Cumhuriyet website on 18 September 2020

    18 September 2020

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    ILO Director Guy Ryder's Interview with CNNTurk

    23 May 2019

    “Social and economic policies should go hand in hand to combat unemployment and income inequality,” says ILO head Guy Ryder. ILO Director-General Guy Ryder, who came to Turkey as part of the G20 and speaking to the CNNTurk, said the most important global problems of the world of work were unemployment and the income inequality and that the social and ecomomic policies including a well-balanced distribution of tax and wage policies as well as more effective social protection systems should hence accompany each other. Ryder also said not only the legislative regulations but building of the prevention culture is also vital to avoid occupational accidents which are at a high level in Turkey.

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    Refugees in Turkey receive vocational training / TRT WORLD

    07 May 2019