Transition to Formality Programme (KİGEP) Informative Brochure

The Transition to Formality Programme (KIGEP) is implemented as part of the project on “Supporting Resilience and Social Cohesion with Decent Work Opportunities*.

The Programme promotes formal employment by facilitating access to the labour market for Syrians under Temporary Protection and Turkish Citizens. It also helps them develop and strengthen their skills and competencies.

KIGEP is implemented by the ILO Office for Türkiye and the Social Security Institution (SSI) in coordination with the Ministry of Labour and Social Security and the Directorate of International Labour Force (DGILF). It is currently financed by the Federal Republic of Germany, through the KfW Development Bank.

By the end of 2025, through KIGEP 22,700 beneficiaries will enter and/or continue to work within the formal job market in Türkiye.

The SSI Strategy Development Presidency is implementing the application processes of the Programme.

* The Programme is also partially supported within the scope of Project " Promotion of Decent Work Opportunities for Syrians under Temporary Protection and Turkish Citizens" which is financed by the Federal Rep. of Germany through the KFW Development Bank.