1. COVID-19: Stimulating the economy and employment

    Are there enough health workers?

    03 April 2020

    Countries’ capacities to recruit and retain health workers vary significantly across regions. This unequal distribution exacerbates inequities in access to health services.

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    Media advisory

    ILO to publish updated figures on employment impact of COVID-19

    03 April 2020

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    COVID-19: Protecting workers in the workplace

    New guidelines to help employers support families during COVID-19

    30 March 2020

    New guidelines issued by ILO and UNICEF call on enterprises to do more to support working families during the pandemic.

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    ILO’s Statement on Protection of Safety and Health of Workers during COVID-19 Pandemic

    24 March 2020

    ILO Office for Turkey released a statement on recommendations and measures to minimise the potential impact of COVID-19 on occupational safety and health.

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    COVID-19: Protecting workers in the workplace

    Precarious workers pushed to the edge by COVID-19

    20 March 2020

    The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all workers in some way. Those on precarious contracts or in non-standard employment are even harder hit, as many have no access to sick pay, unemployment insurance or other critical protections.