A holistic approach rooted on shared experience and lesson learned

Article | 23 November 2021
Spearheaded by Sustaining Competitive and Responsible Enterprises (SCORE), the ILO Siraye programme on Advancing Decent work and Inclusive Industrialization brought together stakeholders from priority sectors such as textile and garment, leather, horticulture and several other manufacturing sub-sector on September 20, 2021 to share experiences and discussed lesson learned from the factory level intervention of the programme.

The workshop was organized following the completion of a six-month in-factory training, coaching and advisory services (April – September 2021) to selected enterprises on the topic of productivity, Factory Improvement Tools (FIT), Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) and Women Leadership Development (WLD). In the six month implementation period, SCORE trainers in collaboration with Better Work enterprise advisors 21 gender balanced Productivity Improvement Consultative Committees (PICCs) with membership representing both workers and managers. In Addition, the intervention supported 21 small and medium enterprises on Covid-19 mitigation and business continuity planning, OSH, workplace cooperation, productivity, quality management, resource efficiency and various modules designed for factory improvement. Furthermore, the programme is also supporting women workers with better opportunity to climb up the career ladder by providing leadership training and mentorship pairing.


During the experience sharing session, factory managers and trainers reported improvement in productivity and working condition predominantly because of the establishment of PICC and OSH committees and the capacity development effort exerted towards the members. For example, during the 6 month implementation period, 42 hazards associated to safety and health were identified in 13 factories and immediate corrective measures were taken to minimize any OSH related risk.

To date, Siraye programme have enrolled 50 FDI and domestic factory in Ethiopia. The coordinated effort among the different ILO component under one (SIRAYE) programme proves to provide efficient and well targeted support to the industry sector in Ethiopia. The programme service model is based on assuring continuous improvement with in factories to benefit the workers, factory and the industry at large.