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Regional Integrated Resources Center on Child Labour: CLIC-Africa

The global fight against child labour has stalled since 2016 and the number of children in child labour could reach 168.9 million by the end of 2022.

The ILO recently established this Regional Integrated Resource Center on Child Labour (CLIC-Africa) to support and facilitate the development of national capacity, ownership and commitment on child labour issues. It is a clearinghouse for information on child labour issues. Indeed, according to the global estimates 2020 of the number of children in child labour, 86.6 million out of 160 million children in child labour worldwide live in sub-Saharan Africa. In addition, almost half of these children do hazardous work.

CLIC-Africa aims to:
  • produce training and other technical papers, as well as advocacy materials
  • disseminate them with a view to equipping government, employer, worker representatives and partners to facilitate the effective implementation of NAPs
  • facilitating knowledge sharing on child labour and related issues, including national and regional good practices.
  • provide technical support for the mobilization of national and donor resources for action against child labour, and
  • promote integrated support by ILO units on issues relating to child labour and other decent work deficits.

Our impact, their voices

  1. Article

    Leaving the gold mining site and going back to school: Eliminating child labour in Nigeria

    02 June 2023

    In the small village of Kuchiko, the ILO ACCEL Africa project is helping young girls like Maimunat go back to school and pursue their dreams. The project is also supporting parents like Haruna Koko to earn an income and reduce the need to resort to child labour.

  2. Article

    Un nouveau départ pour les femmes de Tiola : Comment ACCEL Africa brise le cycle du travail des enfants.

    26 May 2023

  3. Article

    ACCEL Africa Interview Series: Uniting for a Common Goal -Fighting Child Labour Across Africa

    07 April 2023

    Behind the scenes of the ACCEL Africa regional knowledge sharing workshop we have produced this exclusive interview series, where we had the privilege of sitting down with some of our project partners to discuss their contributions to the fight against child labour across Africa.

  4. Article

    Digital Technology: A Game Changer in the Fight Against Child Labour in Uganda's Agriculture Sector

    30 March 2023

    To support the design of financial services coupled with non-financial productive and welfare services in selected agricultural supply chains. The project integrates child-sensitive measures in financial services to reduce the risk of child labour within their operations and plays an active role in the fight against child labour.