Towards sustainable and balanced agriculture: The inspiring story of Nguessan Affoue-Georgette in Paksou

Paksou is a village located 12 kilometers from the sub-prefecture of Grands Zattry, in Ivory Coast known for its varied agricultural activities, notably the cultivation of cocoa, rubber, oil palm, cashew, and food crops. The population, estimated at more than 5,000 inhabitants, is predominantly female. The village is led by a village chief, following a traditional system with a strong patriarchal influence in decision-making, in accordance with ancestral customs.

Article | Paksou, Cote d'Ivoire | 24 October 2023
In Paksou, we met Nguessan Affoue-Georgette, a 56-year-old woman, a cocoa, rubber and food producer. She shares her experience with enthusiasm.

She explains how she discovered WIND activities, thanks to local trainers and the recommendation of an ANADER representative. Before learning these methods, she performed her tasks in a tiring, unorganized manner in her home and kitchen.

Nguessan shares the lessons she learned from ACCEL Africa. The trainers teach him how to work more efficiently, while preserving his health. They make her aware of the importance of not overtiring herself, as this would have repercussions on her health and on her children, who might have to take on her tasks in the event of illness.

The new methods are easy for her to understand, especially since she benefits from prior awareness of the trainers. She improved her life significantly: she now sweeps standing up with a long-handled broom, works at elbow height with well-organized shelves, and uses an improved fireplace that reduces fatigue and smoke.

Through WIND training, I learned to perform household chores more efficiently, using appropriate tools to avoid physical strain... These changes have improved the quality of my life."

N'guessan Affoue-Georgette
Nguessan also shares her knowledge with other women in her community, helping to improve working conditions for all. She has never had a work accident, and her children can now focus on their education instead of taking care of her household chores when she is sick.

She is not only interested in learning about occupational safety and health, but also in obtaining machines for plowing and sowing, reducing the need for heavy labour. With the new skills she learned, she feels healthier, her work goes faster, and her life has significantly changed for the better.