Effective delivery of ILO technical cooperation projects in Africa

ILO Africa's technical advisors and programme coordinators meet in Cotonou, Benin from 4-6 March 2013 to discuss policy project portfolios in the context of the new ILO reform.

Press release | 04 March 2013

Effective delivery of ILO technical cooperation projects in Africa

4 - 6 March 2013; Cotonou, Benin

More than 50 technical advisors and program coordinators working for ILO in Africa came together in Cotonou (Benin) for the Annual Strategic Management Meeting of Technical Cooperation (TC) on how best to improve the impact and delivery of projects in the region.

Participants discussed policy project portfolios in the context of the new ILO reform and agreed on measures that ensure effective design as well as efficient delivery of technical cooperation projects.

“Africa was ranked first this year with a delivery rate of 87.2 %”, ILO Regional Director for Africa, Charles DAN said.

Key issues and policy drivers of reform that impact strategic decision-making, factors shaping the future of the ILO technical cooperation projects, presentations on the role of TC in the development agenda of Africa, the importance of the staff (security and health), success stories and sustainability were covered.

The Strategic Meeting also addressed the latest trends, critical issues and opportunities impacting various programs and projects in Africa through interactive sessions and discussions, presentations, and case studies.

In a context of an African continent that is continuously on the move, the platform also highlighted the importance of developing effective communication tools that will support efforts in local resource mobilization in the Africa region.

ILO CTAs and NPCs underscored the fact that this process can be achieved with more and better coordination for operations in the field, transparency and active participation of all stakeholders through cost management and strategic planning.

Participants were able to visit the Songhai Centre which is a hub for training, production, research, and development of sustainable agricultural practices in Benin as a means to create decent jobs for youth and women.

Technical cooperation programmes and projects implemented are one of the main means of action to support ILO’s constituents in promoting decent work in the African region.

Since 2002, a total of 560 technical cooperation programmes and projects have been approved for the African region, with a total budget of US$545.2 million.

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