University Centers for Career Development (UCCD) Project Fact Sheets

In 2018, The International Labour Organization (ILO) Cairo partnered with the American University in Cairo (AUC) in the implementation of the USAID/Egypt funded University Centers for Career Development (UCCD) project that support 18 University career development centers in 12 Egyptian public universities.

With a view to help the nascent centers achieve their objectives, guide the students and advise their management, the ILO designed and implemented several capacity building workshops and a package of toolkits in collaboration with a large pool of international and national experts, to build the Ministry of Higher Education Labour market observatory staff and UCCDs staff’ capacity and skills.

Between 2018- 2022; the ILO components achieved the following:

  • 42 Workshops and national events organized (face-to-face and online) across the 10 governorates to train, disseminate and transfer the knowledge generated, as well as exchange lessons learned on pressing trends directly relevant to labour market dynamics, statistics and information, supply and demand trends and gaps to be tackled (including for SWDs).
  • 4300 Private sector enterprises- in 11 governorates across 17 economic sectors- directly engaged by the UCCDs through 41 surveys and 47round-table discussions to understand employment issues and means to respond to real-world skill needs in the future. These interventions effectively opened conducive and sustainable communication channels (and partnerships) between the universities and major employers in their respective governorates, which will facilitate future support to the students and fresh graduates.
  • More than 800 university staff members and students were trained on the disability equality training and more than 200 students with disabilities were able to access the UCCDs’ services and trainings and receive the needed support.