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The ILO supported the National Bureau of Statistics in the Seychelles to improve the way labour indicators are compiled and analysed.

Feature | Seychelles | 07 June 2019
VICTORIA – Bringing a high level of expertise to government services is part of the supporting role the ILO plays for many countries in the region. One particular agency in the Seychelles that especially benefitted from its support was the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS).

The NBS began to publish the “Quarterly Labour Force Survey” in 2014. This publication is an important tool to better understand the evolution of the job market. Soon it appeared that there was room for improvement especially to comply with the new resolutions that came out from the International Conference of Labour Statisticians (ICLS).

In December 2017, the NBS requested ILO support for the redesigning of the Quarterly Labour Force Survey questionnaire.

Redesigning the questionnaire

Dr. Coffi Agossou, was at that time the ILO Senior Labour Statistics Specialist based in South Africa. He had already been providing support to the Ministry of Labour and Human Resource Development on the Labour Market Information System.

During his previous visits to the Seychelles, Dr. Agossou had met already with the NBS team responsible for the Quaterly Labour Force Survey. He had also advised on the design and reporting of the questionnaire.

Given that Dr.Agossou was familiar with the Seychelles context, the NBS requested that he be considered to provide support for redesigning the questionnaire.

This request was approved and a one-week mission was conducted in March 2018. Dr. Agossou worked with NBS staff, on the redesigning of the questionnaire to comply with the new ICLS resolutions.

During that first mission, it was highlighted that redesigning the questionnaire would also require changes to the software used to analyse the data, moving from the SPSS to the STATA software. The NBS therefore requested for further assistance from the ILO, to write the syntax for analysis, based on the revised questionnaire.

Improved analyses

The response was positive, and through ILO’s support, Dr. Deen Lawani held a one-week session in November 2018 which facilitated the transition from the old to the new software for analysis. It also increased the capacity of the NBS staff to conduct deeper analyses of labour market indicators.

The improved statistics also enabled the Ministry responsible for Employment to better understand the impact of its employment programmes and policies on the unemployed, especially young people. The statistics are also guiding the Ministry on priority areas for policy interventions that respond to labour market challenges and the needs of the population.

“The NBS is grateful to have been assisted by the ILO in the redesigning of the questionnaire, and for the increased capacity in analysis of labour market indicators,” concluded Maria Payet, from the National Bureau of Statistics, Seychelles.

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