Centenary Celebrations

Fast Forward: The Future of Work - Youth Dialogue in Zimbabwe

As the ILO celebrates its 100 years of existence, Offices across the world have lined up a series of events. In Zimbabwe, a Youth Dialogue on the Future of Work, one among five lined-up activities, took place at the 8th edition of the Green Expo 2019, an annual event organised by Zimbabwe Sunshine Group in partnership with Zimbabwe Agricultural Society and hosted at the Harare Show Grounds.

Date issued: 03 October 2019 |
“The youth are the future drivers of our economy, our society and are the next generation to serve as stewards of our planet. What do they see as the path forward to achieve sustainable inclusive growth for future generations?” 

Under the theme ‘Fast Forward Future of Work Youth in Dialogue”’, the initiative facilitated a general understanding and identification of the drivers of change for the world of work in a green economy in Zimbabwe. It provided a platform for the young people to discuss and share their aspirations about jobs for the future in low-carbon and more inclusive economies. They also shared what the topics on green economy, social dialogue, gender equality, informal economy, skills and business models and what that means for their various situations; offering possible solutions for the envisaged challenges ahead.