Coordination with the Limpopo Department of Public Works Roads and Infrastructure

Planning session

News | 16 February 2024
Contact(s): Dingilizwe Tshabalala
The ILO Limpopo Project Team, in partnership with the Limpopo Department of Public Works, Roads and Infrastructure (LDPWRI), hosted a 2-day coordination workshop from 08th to 09th of February 2024.
The workshop took place in the Waterberg District of Limpopo, as a follow-up to the first LDPWRI and ILO coordinating workshop held in Johannesburg on the 28th to the 29th of November 2022.

The purpose of the first workshop was to introduce new members of staff and the amended structure of the staff complement of the ILO to the LDPWRI. It was also to critically look at the roles the new ILO staff members would be playing and how they will collaborate with their counterparts in the LDPWRI. Additionally, the workshop aimed to agree on the new working modalities between the LDPWRI and the expanded ILO Team in managing and implementing the Public Investment/Employment Programme, known as the Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP).

During the first workshop, it was agreed between the two partners that a follow-up session should be arranged later to review and assess the efficacy of the working modalities. The current workshop was a response to that agreement made in 2022. The two-day workshop aimed to reflect on the LDPWRI-LDPWRI-ILO working modalities and respond to the following questions: What worked well? What were the challenges persisting? How can the working modalities be strengthened? How can the leadership, support, and management of EPWP committees be improved?

The workshop was also meant to reflect, review, and assess whether the EPWP Chief Directorate was fit for purpose in EPWP Phase 4. This would help and suggest ways to improve the role and function of the EPWP Chief Directorate when transitioning on to EPWP Phase 5. Furthermore, the workshop aimed to establish what additional support the EPWP Chief Directorate might require ILO to render in EPWP Phase 5 which will be implemented from the 1st of April 2024 to the 31st of March 2029.

The workshop was attended by senior management and mid-level management of the from LDPWRI. The ILO team included the EIIP Specialist, and all the EPWP Limpopo project team.

The workshop provided an important platform for both organizations to reflect on their working modalities, identify areas of improvement and establish effective collaboration mechanisms for the successful implementation of the EPWP. Extensive deliberations were held on how to manage EPWP better and ensure an efficient, effective programme that can be of service to a much wider network of stakeholders.

In conclusion the workshop agreed that, they aimed to see a Programme that: developed and maintained public assets, provided quality social services whilst creating jobs and income for the poor, enhancing skills learning opportunities and instilled a sense of community ownership.

Director of Innovation and Empowerment, Ms. Dimbi Olamiju shared and emphasized during the session on the need: “To listen to the youth” to ensure that their challenges and needs are adressed. From the Resolutions of this workshop, an implementation plan will be developed to ensure that all action points are operationalised.