Entrepreneurship Training for Unemployed Youth and Business Owners

Upskilling the Automotive Industry

News | 15 November 2023
 The International Labour Organization (ILO)’s Productivity Ecosystems for Decent Work programme supported the Gauteng Automotive Industry Development Centre (AIDC) to supplement its technical curriculum with training in entrepreneurship skills to trainees who would like to venture into starting their own businesses after they complete their technical training programmes at AIDC. These trainings are also open to current entrepreneurs who want to improve their business skills.

The AIDC is currently implementing a training programme for youth in technical welding skills and intends to supplement this training with an entrepreneurship course that enables the instructors to prepare youth who choose the entrepreneurship pathway. The course will help trainees to identify a business idea, prepare a business plan, and inform them how to start their business.

The AIDC has trained five instructors in the ILO’s Generate Your Business (GYB) and Start Your Business (SYB) training packages, as well as designed an entrepreneurship training manual to support the implementation of these trainings. The acting Executive Director for Industry Development at the AIDC, Claude Pillay, says “the ILO’s SYB programme will enable the AIDC to provide entrepreneurship training to unemployed youth and business owners. Through this upskilling, coupled with other support interventions, we are looking forward to the creation of successful new businesses and the growth of existing ones.”

The AIDC’s Technical Skills Trainer, Salome Mashishi, is one of the five instructors who were trained in the SYB training. “The training was very impactful, now I`m a competent and certified Entrepreneur Trainer for AIDC through the International Labour Organization. I can transfer my skills and knowledge to unemployed youth in disadvantaged communities around Gauteng province,” she said.

The first cohort of 15 participants trained graduated on 10 November 2023. The 10 November also marked the official launch and validation of the integration of the ILO trainings in AIDC courses. The next steps include capacity development of AIDC on other ILO trainings: Improve Your Business and Expand Your Business. All courses are conducted at the AIDC’s Gauteng Automotive Learning Centre.

The ILO Productivity Ecosystems for Decent Work is a multi-country programme initiated by the ILO in 2021, with operations in Ghana, South Africa and Vietnam. It is funded by the governments of Switzerland and Norway, and seeks to promote productivity growth for decent work, combining different approaches that strengthen productivity drivers across policy, sector and enterprise levels.