Workshop on Understanding the Impact of Sector Policies on Employment in Rwanda

A three days’ workshop was organized AT Hotel La Palme, Musanze, Northern Province of Rwanda. The main purpose was to review findings of the studies so far commissioned under the STRENGTHEN/ EMPIA project.

The first one’s main purpose was to better understand the employment effects of increased agricultural exports on employment in agriculture value chains in Rwanda and (3) the effects of transportation infrastructure investments/improvement on employment.

Another study was, in 2016 commissioned by the European Union in collaboration with the National Agricultural Export Authority on employment survey on export values chains. The study mainly aimed at analyzing and estimating the distribution of employment within and between various levels of Rwanda’s traditional and non-traditional export-oriented agricultural value chains.

It also tackled on the dynamics of employment within and along the above-mentioned value chains and the inclusion of women, youth, poor and disadvantaged groups as well as the potential impact of different value chains governance and value chain upgrading strategies on the employment distribution of Rwanda’s export-oriented agricultural value chains.