Training Workshop on Employment Measurement Techniques

In February,  from 20th-24th 2017, At Kivu Lake Hill View Hotel in Rubavu, Western Rwanda, a training workshop was organised under STRENGTHEN project to review findings of three studies to better understand the employment effects of the construction sector in Rwanda, the effects of increased agricultural exports on employment in agriculture value chains in Rwanda as well as the effects of transportation infrastructure investments/improvement on employment.

About 20 participants including members of the LPT under the coordination of the Project Manager, Maikel Lieuw Song and Project Focal Person from the Ministry of Labour, Mr. Faustin Mwambari.

Other training items included initiation to different methods to analyse and assess employment impacts, and do employment estimates and projections: Input-Output Tables (IO), Social Accounting Matrices (SAM), Employment Multipliers, (Random) Control Trials (RCT), Spatial Analysis and data availability will also be discussed.

A road construction site visit was also conducted to observe and learn first-hand what employment in the selected sectors is like so that findings and recommendations from studies can be understood as part of reality.