A Local Project Team Established to Oversee Project Implementation

News | 23 December 2016
In order to ensure that the focus of this research project is aligned with local priorities and to ensure that there is active and consistent participation of Rwandan Officials and stakeholders in the research, and that there is a group of Rwandan officials who will benefit from the complete set of capacity building. A Local Project Team was established under the leadership of the Ministry of Labour. The team oversees and contributes to the project implementation.

Team members are nominated staff from the Ministry of Labour and Public Service, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Infrastructure, National Agriculture Exports Authority, Construction Chamber of the Rwanda Private Sector Federation, Rwanda Development Board, Rwanda Transport Development Authority, National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda, a representative of the Rwanda Trade Union (CESTRAR) and a researcher from National Industrial Development Authority. The team holds their meeting in advance of planned events, including study findings validation workshops, review ToR of studies to be conducted, progress review, etc.