The Labour Based Component of the Poverty Reduction Through Decent Employment Creation in Liberia (PREDEC)

The project was jointly formulated by the ILO and the Government of Liberia with the objecive to boost job creation and assist the Government for recovery and effective functioning of public institutions, including the Ministry of Labor and the other ILO constituents following the prolonged civil war.


  • Demonstrate job creation potential through the use of labour based methodology.
  • Capacitate the Ministry of Public Works to administer and implement such projects and also include the private sector.
  • Provide opportunities for skills training and entrepreneurship development along the project corridors.


  1. 11 Local construction companies trained in Labour Based Methods (Preference given to female owned or managed).
  2. 24 MPW staff trained in Labour Based Methods.
  3. 3 Workshops in contract management for contractors and MPW Staff held.
  4. Study tours and courses for MPW staff organized.
Roadworks and job creation
  1. 27 Km of demonstrational road completed.
  2. 95,760 person-days of employment was created (32% female)
  3. $324,143. 00 was injected as wages into the local economy.