Minister of public works and his delegation visit the construction site on Labour Based Approach (KUMBA – MAMFE road)

On April, 18th, 2017, during a visit to the construction site of the Kumba Mamfe road, the minister of Public Works Emmanuel Nganou Djoumessi made a significant stop over at the Kombone-Bafaw village in Konye on the site of the logistics base of the Technical Assistance Mission of the ILO. The focus here was the construction of the Earth Road between Kombone-Bafaw – Lubamgue – Ileh – Bikoro Bafaw covering a distance of 6km, with help from the Labor Based Approaches and techniques.

Date de parution: 3 mai 2017 |
It was a matter of appreciating the results obtained by the Technical Support Mission of the ILO in the support of youth employment and the reinforcement of the employability of youth within the framework of the rehabilitation work on the KUMBA – MAMFE road. The visit was punctuated by the official handing over of working kits to 16 constituted rural road committees, legalized and trained by the ILO in the management of community contracts in view of the realization of maintenance and rehabilitation works on rural earth roads through the LBA techniques.

Apart from the mayors of the zone of intervention of the project [Kumba III, Konye, Nguti and Upper Banyang- Tinto], administrative and traditional authorities of the clan, the minister was given a warm welcome by the Director Mrs Vera Lucia Paquete-Perdigao and the Technical Support team of the ILO.
At the stand of pictures tracing the life of the construction site, the minister and his suite remained very attentive to the explanations of the national coordinator of the project. He then met a sample of the youths among the 139 trained in Building and Public Works jobs within the framework of this project. By the way he gave recommendations to the mayors and the members of the Rural Roads maintenance committees of the councils present for the sustenance of the approach and the judicious use of the equipment put at their disposal. He then symbolically handed LBA type equipment to mayors, comprising spades, wheelbarrows, IPE [Individual Protection Equipment], cutlasses, hammers, and many others useful to the LBA.

In front of the massive crowd, the minister, after having talked of the importance of this road, was said to be determined to ameliorate the living conditions of the population by this leg and made a few steps with the director of the ILO so as to ascertain the good quality of the road.