ILO DWT/CO-Pretoria: Request for proposals

Directory | 13 November 2013

List of RFPs

RFP Date
13 February 2024Consultancy to produce case studies on gender-responsive Just Transition experiences in Southern Africa28 February 2024
20 December 2023Scoping study on Child Labour in Agriculture in South Africa31 January 2024
19 December 2023Terms of reference for the illustration of Start Your Business: Entrepreneurship development programme for SMEs in the automotive sector in Gauteng Province, South Africa 19 January 2024
15 December 2023National Consultant - Data collection, refinement, and integration for labour and multifactor productivity measurement in South Africa19 January 2024
4 December 2023Readvertisement Conduct Feasibility Study for the Establishment of an Automotive Cluster in Gauteng Province, South Africa17 January 2024
22 November 2023Consultancy to map the illicit and illegal trade in counterfeit footwear and leather goods in South Africa and its impact on manufacturing jobs, SMMEs and investment21 November 2023
30 October 2023 Consultancy to map the illicit trade in counterfeit goods and illegal imports of clothing, textile, leather and footwear products into South Africa and its impact on jobs, SMMEs and investment10 November 2023
26 October 2023Conduct Feasibility Study for the Establishment of an Automotive Cluster in Gauteng Province, South Africa10 November 2023
26 October 2023Build capacity of managers, improve production processes, and strengthen support services of selected enterprises in the leather, leathergoods, and footwear sector of South Africa 10 November 2023
14 September 2023Determining the Governance Architecture and Administration of the National Unemployment Benefit Scheme in Eswatini29 September 2023
10 August 2023Review of the Gender Policy for TUCOSWA23 August 2023
7 August 2023Call for productivity trainers21 August 2023
4 July 2023Mapping and assessment of institutions and BSOs in the clothing17 July 2023
29 May 2023Labour Migration Chapter of the SADC Labour Law Guide15 June 2023
24 April 2023Technical Assistance (TA) to the National Department of Public Works and Infrastructure & Limpopo Department of Public Works Roads and Infrastructure on the Implementation of Expanded Public Works Programme14 May 2023
5 April 2023Institutional arrangements for labour migration policy
implementation – case studies
17 April 2023
5 April 2023Conduct Productivity-Enhancing Skills and Management Training Programmes for Selected SMMEs in the Leather and Leather Goods Sector of South Africa18 April 2023
30 March 2023 Review of the literature on
the economic impact of labour migration
16 April 2023
20 March 2023Mentors for Skills Challenge Innovation winners27 March 2023
13 February 2023International Expert on Productivity Measurement: Request for Proposals24 February 2023
1 February 2023Conducting a legal gap analysis on Eswatini's Occupational Safety and Health Legislation against ILO's C15511 February 2023
9 September 2022Request for Proposal – Leather and footwear sector specialist23 September 2022
23 August 2022Diagnostic Assessment on Solid Waste Management in Waterberg District Municipality4 September 2022
15 August 2022Conduct Market Systems Analysis for Economic Sectors under the Productivity Ecosystems for Decent Work Project, South Africa26 August 2022
15 August 2022To organize and facilitate a mini conference on Reflection and Experiences on anticipating changing skills needs in crisis situations and uncertain times19 August 2022
12 July 2022A Gender-responsive Assessment of the Incidence and Forms of Informality and Decent Work Deficits in Homework Arrangements in Eswatini25 July 2022
4 July 2022Assessment of social protection laws, policies as well as the institutional, operative and administrative arrangements to facilitate the coverage and portability of social security benefits for migrant workers in SADC countries24 July 2022
1 July 2022Review of SPSF Strategic Plan22 July 2022
1 July 2022Capacity Building Program For the Board of Association of Lesotho Employers and Business (ALEB)
10 July 2022
13 June 2022SADC Labour Market Observatory Data Coordinator26 June 2022
8 June 2022 Assessment of Renewable Energy Enabling Environment in Botswana22 June 2022
3 June 2022Reflection and Experiences on anticipating changing skills needs in crisis situations and uncertain times

16 June 2022
31 May 2022Assessment to strengthen and expand the Zambia Labour Market Information System to include labour migration information12 June 2022
31 May 2022A Guidance Tool for apprenticeships development in Africa and the promotion of better linkages between formal and informal systems15 June 2022
25 May 2022A Gender-responsive Assessment of the Incidence and Forms of Informality and Decent Work Deficits in Homework Arrangements in Eswatini11 June 2022
25 May 2022Developing a Communications Strategy for the Pan-African Productivity Association6 June 2022
25 May 2022Assessment of the state of national productivity ecosystems for enterprises in African Union member states6 June 2022
25 April 2022 Sector selection for Productivity Ecosystems for Decent Work Project in South Africa2 May 2022
18 January 2022 Gender-responsive Just Transition Country Analysis:
Opportunities and Challenges for a Just Transition in
31 January 2022
1 December 2021Gender Mainstreaming Strategy Development and Monitoring and Evaluation Technical Support12 December 2021
24 November 2021Consultancy to conduct a needs assessment in the Municipal Districts of Waterberg and OR Tambo to inform the design of the UN Signature Project for Business Support to Small and Medium Enterprises and Informal Businesses in the Districts29 November 2021
10 November 2021Proposal to undertake Botswana Just Transition Country Analysis10 December 2021
20 November 2021High Level Tripartite Political Meeting on Labour Migration
28 November 2021
8 November 2021Manual on Labour Migration Admission & Post-Admission Policies30 November 2021
8 October 2021 MENTORING and COACHING of green and growth-oriented entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)19 October 2021
24 September 2021Assessment of skills supply and demand in the digital economy in South Africa, including labour market policy review.30 September 2021
7 September 2021 Assessment of the achievements of programmes supporting enabling environments for sustainable enterprises in the African Union20 September 2021
24 August 2021Comparative skills profiling survey and assess skills recognition opportunities facilitating asylum seekers and refugees11 access to the labour market in South Africa and Zambia7 September 2021
18 August 2021Comparative analysis of National Legislation and International Labour Standards for Labour Migration5 September 2021
18 August 2021Production of a Model Labour Migration Legislation31 August 2021
14 August 2021Capacity development of ILO constituents in Africa on
The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria
27 August 2021
4 August 2021 Developing an online web based delivery, monitoring and
reporting tool for the national masterplans
19 August 2021
14 July 2021Labour migration statistics data mapping in Southern Africa and the Indian Ocean20 July 2021
14 July 2021Organisational needs assessment of Fedusa to inform enhanced support services for its young members21 July 2021
13 July 2021 Request for Proposals for the development of a Labour Intensive Method Work Estimation Tool30 July 2021
14 June 2021Consultancy to Review the Factories Act CAP 44:01 of Botswana and proposed amendments into an OSH Bill 30 June 2021
9 June 2021How COVID-19 pandemic will change the workplace in Africa for Employers21 June 2021
31 May 2021Analysis of the legal and institutional framework  for greening SMEs in South Africa14 June 2021
31 May 2021Qualitative survey of SMEs and Employers organisations 14 June 2021
21 May 2021 Animated video production 31 May 2021
12 May 2021Support toward the development of Phase II of the CCMA/BUSA Labour Web Tool27 May 2021
11 May 2021 Editing of draft reports on research conducted to unveil the status of women in the informal economy in South Africa24 May 2021
4 May 2021 Migrant domestic workers study for the Southern African region16 May 2021
7 April 2021 Facilitating a process to determine a decent work framework for Digital, ICT and GBS Sectors as Input to the Master Plan Development Process22 April 2021
29 March 2021Writer /Proofreader 7 April 2021
29 March 2021The Social and Solidarity Economy Policy: How does it respond to National / International Frameworks?12 April 2021
25 March 2021 Write up the research results following a survey of the Social and Solidarity Economy in South Africa12 April 2021
25 March 2021 To document the process and practices followed to developing the Social and Solidarity Economy Policy White Paper12 April 2021
10 March 2021Production of a discussion paper on labour migration responses to the COVID 19 Crisis in European and North African countries
in preparation for the first THAMM Regional Conference
25 March 2021
26 February 2021Coordinating organised business stakeholders and providing technical input to the Creative Industries Sectoral Master Plan15 March 2021
1 February 2021Drafting of Occupational Health and Safety Guidelines and Communication Strategy on COVID19 for Informal Economy in South Africa10 February 2021
4 December 2020Support towards strengthening the ICT infrastructure of a Labour Federation in South Africa and at least 10 of its affiliate trade unions to facilitate their online communication11 December 2020
8 October 2020Identifying barriers to formalisation: A literature review and key stakeholder interview process under the RBSA Informal Economy project16 October 2020
12 December 2018 Consultancy for the drafting of a Green Paper on social economy4 January 2019
13 September 2018Development of a Consultation Strategy for the Social Economy Policy Project28 September 2018
13 September 2018General design, proofing and publishing services for the Social Economy Policy Project28 September 2018
13 September 2018Case Study Write up: Social Economy Policy Project28 September 2018
9 July 2018Facilitators for Consultation Session12 July 2018
5 June 2018Notice Amending the Terms of Reference for Thematic Papers and Policy Briefs8 June 2018
17 May 2018Developing a Series of Policy Briefs to inform the development of a Social Economy Policy in South Africa 28 May 2018
17 May 2018Developing a Discussion Document to inform the development of a Social Economy Policy process in South Africa28 May 2018