January 2000

  1. Trade Unions and Child Labour: 7. The Tripartite Structure to Combat Child Labour

    01 January 2000

  2. Trade Unions and Child Labour: 6. Using ILO Standards to Combat Child Labour

    01 January 2000

  3. Trade Unions and Child Labour: 5. Collective Bargaining to Combat Child Labour

    01 January 2000

  4. Trade Unions and Child Labour: 3. Fact Finding and Information About Child Labour

    01 January 2000

  5. Trade Unions and Child Labour: 2. Union Policies and Action Plans to Combat Child Labour

    01 January 2000

  6. Trade Unions and Child Labour: 1. Guide to the Booklets

    01 January 2000

  7. The Governance of Globalisation ILO's Contribution

    01 January 2000

    Interest in the impact of ‘globalization’ has moved beyond the boardroom and banking circles. Today the implications of increased economic interdependence between nations is just as likely to be discussed by a group of workers on the factory floor as it is in the financial press.

April 1999

  1. Towards an integrated market in South-East Asia: The ASEAN experience The trade union agenda

    01 April 1999

    Labour Education 1999/4 No. 117: The articles which appear in this edition are the fruit of our promise to analyse the experiences of regional economic integration in other continents, in the same fashion as the Common Market of the Southern Cone (MERCOSUR) was addressed in an earlier edition (see No. 109 – 1997/4)

March 1999

  1. Trade unions in the informal sector: Finding their bearings Nine country papers

    01 March 1999

    Labour Education 1999/3 No.116: The following nine national studies cover four regions of the world and reveal the stakes and problems which the multifaceted informal sector poses for the trade union movement, irrespective of the level of development in the countries under consideration. Without necessarily reflecting our position, the studies are based on the information available and represent testimonies which are worthy of consideration and exploration.

January 1999

  1. Collective bargaining: A fundamental principle, a right, a Convention

    02 January 1999

  2. Trade Union Actions to Promote Environmentally Sustainable Development

    01 January 1999

September 1998

  1. Note on the proceedings Tripartite Meeting of Export Processing Zones-Operating Countries

    01 September 1998

April 1998

  1. Trade union action: Integrating disabled persons into working life

    01 April 1998

    Labour Education 1998/4 No. 113: The ILO Bureau for Workers’ Activities and the ILO vocational Rehabilitation Branch are pleased to present this edition of Labour Education. In jointly producing this edition, both units not only express their commitment to harness their resources in order to give visibility to a category of working people who have not yet received due attention, but also to contribute to the Office’s efforts to address the question of integrating disabled persons into working life through a more cohesive strategy.

March 1998

  1. Voices for freedom of association

    01 March 1998

    Labour Education 1998/3 No. 112: By a vote of 127 in favour, 0 against and 11 abstentions, the 31st Session of the International Labour Conference held in June and July 1948 adopted one of the most important Conventions in the sphere of labour relations and fundamental human rights: Convention No. 87 on freedom of association and protection of the right to organise.

January 1998

  1. Multimedia convergence: Breaking the silence

    02 January 1998

    Labour Education 1998/1-2 Nos. 110-111: What silence? It might seem absurd to many to address the question of multimedia convergence as the process affects workers in terms of breaking the silence. For such silence has become strident, and surrounds all the issues connected with the process of convergence.The columns which follow are part of the ILO’s efforts to ensure that the discussions which took place during the ILO Symposium onmultimedia convergence (27-29 January 1997) be addressed in further depth by experts who are close to workers’ everyday experiences of convergence.

April 1997

  1. Mercosur: The impact of economic integration A case study

    01 April 1997

    The articles in this issue of Labour Education 1997/4 No. 109, make an important contribution to the debate on various labour aspects of this subregional integration experiment. They consist of a number of studies which make multidisciplinary analyses of topics related to the labour market: employment, wages, international trade, labour relationships, labour inspection, social security, vocational training, trade union organization and, of course, women at work.

March 1997

  1. Protecting children in the world of work

    01 March 1997

    Labour Education 1997/3 No. 108: The ILO Bureau for Workers’ Activities, in producing this edition devoted to the issue of child labour on the eve of the Oslo Conference, pronounces its pledge to join forces with all partners openly or silently engaged in bringing a prompt end to child exploitation in its worst forms and harnessing all assets to arrest the process and rehabilitate the children who have fallen victims.

January 1997

  1. Trade Union Action Against Child Labour Brazilian Experience

    01 January 1997

    Child labour is one of the worst forms of exploitation, since it denies the perspective of a better future to children prevented from the right of studying and playing.In general children work for their living or to increase their family’s income and do not study. Many of children carry out activities at risk conditions that jeopardize their physical,psychological, moral and emotional development.

January 1996

  1. Using ILO Standards to Promote Environmentally Sustainable Development: 8. International Development

    01 January 1996

  2. Using ILO Standards to Promote Environmentally Sustainable Development: 7. Education and Training

    01 January 1996