Turin: Green Jobs Learning Forum

Press release | 21 April 2011

Turin, 21 april 2011(ACTRAV INFO)-The International Training Centre in Turin held a Forum on green jobs, from 4-21 April. During the forum, about 40 participants from 20 countries discussed issues centring on climate change, sustainable local development and the promotion of green jobs.

As the three weeks of work drew to a close, International Training Centre Director Patricia O’Donovan noted the successes achieved by the forum - an exercise that will be repeated in 2012.

“This Forum was the first of its kind and it proved very successful. We will strive to offer an even better edition next year, drawing on lessons learnt and further involving our partners to provide as pertinent and useful a learning experience as possible to future participants”, explained Ms. O’Donovan.

The Forum was developed as part of a larger ILO effort to assess and address the labour market implications of achieving environmental goals. The ILO emphasizes the role of decent work in the processes towards a fairer and greener globalization.

For more details, see the Turin International Training Centre’s site