News and articles

April 2011

  1. Kampala: Training Seminar on HIV/AIDS

    20 April 2011

  2. Technical Cooperation and Development: Interview with Enrico Cairola

    15 April 2011

  3. Lomé: Training Seminar for Gender Audit Facilitators

    06 April 2011

March 2011

  1. Kigali Seminar on Domestic Work

    28 March 2011

  2. Interview with Sir Roy Trotman

    25 March 2011

    At the end of the 310th session of the Governing Body, we interviewed the Workers’ Group’s Spokesperson Mr. Leroy Trotman. Issues relating to the budget for the next biennium, 2012-2013, and respect for workers’ rights were covered during this discussion.

  3. Joint Meeting of the ITUC and the All-China Federation of Trade Unions

    25 March 2011

  4. Climate Change and Labour: Interview with Lene Olsen

    24 March 2011

    The Bureau for workers’ activities (ACTRAV) has published the issue of its International Journal of Labour Research, devoted to sustainable development. At this occasion, the Specialist on Workers’ Activities, Lene Olsen gave somes explanations...

  5. Meeting between the ILO’s Director General and the African members of the Governing Body

    22 March 2011

  6. Social Protection: Interview with Ms. Michelle Bachelet

    21 March 2011

    The Chairperson of the Social Protection Floor Advisory Group and Executive Director of UN Women, Ms. Michelle Bachelet, wants to get trade union organizations more involved in social protection of workers.

  7. Trade Union Meeting in Lome

    11 March 2011