News and articles

October 2011

  1. Precariousness in the World of Work: Director-General Juan Somavia calls for a Global Movement for Decent Work

    04 October 2011

  2. ACTRAV's Director underlines the Challenges of Precarious Work

    04 October 2011

  3. Handbook on Hazardous Child Labour Published

    01 October 2011

September 2011

  1. Combatting Precarity: International Symposium Organized by the ILO’s Bureau for Workers’ Activities (ACTRAV)

    30 September 2011

    One of the most important trends in recent decades is the rise of precarious employment.Direct consequences of the financial crisis, the austerity measures adopted by several countries, have reinforced this precarity for workers. Everywhere, a growing number of workers suffer from precarious working conditions which are uncertain and unpredictable and lack security.

  2. Johannesburg: Adoption of a Strategy for Action and a Resolution in Africa on Multinational Enterprises.

    22 September 2011

  3. Regional Meeting in Lima on Strengthening Tripartism and Social Dialogue

    02 September 2011

August 2011

  1. 12th African Regional Meeting

    31 August 2011

  2. Nepal: ILO Delegation met the Prime Minister of Nepal and the Chairman of the Constituent Assembly

    31 August 2011

  3. China: International Seminar on Collective Bargaining at Branch/Sector Level

    26 August 2011

  4. Panama: Meeting between United Nations Agencies and the Trade Union Organizations of the Americas

    24 August 2011