Asia and the Pacific

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ILO ACT/EMP On-going Activities at National level
In the Asia Pacific region, ACT/EMP works across specific policy areas, to provide tailored research support and technical guidance to assist with the development of evidence-based policy proposals. Recent examples of policy areas where ACT/EMP provided technical assistance to national policy efforts include: the minimum wage, labour law, skills development, the informal economy, disaster response and preparedness, labour mobility, and the strategic approaches to technology in the workplace. ACT/EMP has a policy development toolkit entitled the Enabling Environment for Sustainable Enterprises (EESE), which is used as the basis for working with Employer and Business Membership Organizations (EBMOs).

In addition, ACT/EMP works with EMBOs to develop training and information services that are aligned with their policy priorities and mandate. Examples of services from the Asia Pacific region include enterprise training toolkits on workplace health and safety, labour law, non-discrimination and equality. For all of these issues, EBMOs are closely involved in the policy discourse and therefore have a comparative advantage that private consultancies lack. In Asia and the Pacific, training services to develop EBMOs’ membership capacity and expand their membership, particularly among small and medium-sized businesses, is a critically important component of our services support offer. ACT/EMP’s new In Business suite of enterprise training services is a cost effective and commercially viable approach that is proving very effective. As businesses face new challenges from climate change, technology and increasing civil strife, ACT/EMP is updating its service offerings to respond to the emerging needs of constituents.