The Cambodian Federation of Employers and Business Associations (CAMFEBA) welcomed the government's decision to participate in the Global Accelerator initiative as a pathfinder country

News | 12 September 2023
Launched by the UN Secretary-General in September 2021, the Global Accelerator on Jobs and Social Protection for Just Transitions (GA) represents the collective response of the UN system to address the multiple challenges that threaten to erode the development progress. It aims to direct investment to create at least 400 million decent jobs, mainly in the green, digital and care economies, and to expand social protection coverage.

The Global Accelerator will be implemented first in a selected number of countries, known as "pathfinders", that have significant potential to scale up investment in jobs and social protection and have shown a commitment to do so.

The Government of Cambodia has become a pathfinder member. Against this background, CAMFEBA believes that the private sector should be instrumental in creating jobs, and promoting conditions that support the growth and sustainability of enterprises is essential to building sustainable and resilient economies, creating productive employment and economic growth. Mr Sok Piseth, President of CAMFEBA, announced that "the GA roadmap should address persistent skills challenges. Effective and targeted skills development benefits employers and workers by enhancing and promoting employability, sustainable development, productivity growth and economic prosperity". He added: "ITC skills and core skills of mechanics should be better exploited. As declining productivity growth has a negative impact on workers and the sustainability of enterprises, increasing productivity will be critical for economic growth, productive employment and decent work in the country".

CAMFEBA also highlighted that the GA Pathfinder will be a good opportunity to support and strengthen the governance and capacity of the social security system in Cambodia.
In this regard, CAMFEBA believes that it is necessary to strengthen the capacity of employers' and workers' organisations. Capacity building of employers' organisations and strengthening their effectiveness will be a key element of the Global Accelerator. Effective labour market institutions will play an important role in developing and implementing viable solutions to economic, social and workplace challenges.

CAMFEBA is developing a 5-year strategic plan to achieve organisational development to build a conducive and competitive business environment with a strong enterprise sector that will contribute significantly to Cambodia's sustainable economic growth. CAMFEBA will incorporate the GA roadmap into its strategic plan. 

It is noteworthy that the social partners of CAMFEBA and its counterpart, the National Trade Union Council (NTUC), reaffirmed their commitment to engage in bipartite dialogue to identify and address challenges and achieve priorities in the development and implementation of Cambodia's Global Accelerator Roadmap. On 1 September, they issued the Joint Statement on the Development and Implementation of Cambodia's Global Accelerator Roadmap for Jobs and Social Protection for Just Transitions through CAMFEBA-NTUC Dialogues.

For more information please contact:Tugschimeg, Sanchir, Regional Desk Officer for Asia and Arab States, ACT/EMP
Lee, Dong Eung, Senior Employer Specialist, DWT-BKK