The Federation of Egyptian Industries (FEI) supports the digital transformation of Egyptian MSMEs

A new partnership with Lumas to roll-out ‘Maharat min Google’ digital skills program for MSMEs operating in the Industrial sector of Egypt

News | 15 February 2021
In response to the increasing importance of digital tools and online presence, the International Labour Organization (ILO) has facilitated a partnership between the Federation of Egyptian Industries (FEI) and Lumas, an official partner of ‘Maharat min Google’, to launch a series of digital skills workshops for micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in Egypt. More than 2,000 MSMEs will be trained throughout the course of one year on essential digital skills to grow successfully, expand to new markets, and connect with more customers online.

‘Maharat min Google’ is an online digital-skills building platform, launched two years ago, in an effort to help businesses get online and grow their digital presence. The platform includes over 100 lessons in digital marketing covering topics like search engine marketing, social media, e-Commerce, geo-targeting, and data analytics, among others.

Lumas is a market research and customized training company that has collaborated with multiple universities, governmental bodies, multinationals, NGOs, and incubators, managing in the past two years to train 40,000 individuals in 13 different governorates across Egypt. Lumas aims to bridge the gap in specific skillsets for entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses, startups, and fresh graduates to address the rising need for digital transformation for SMEs in Egypt.
The initiative was facilitated under the ILO project framework “Support the SME unit’s operationalization in the Federation of Egyptian Industries” funded by the European Union.

The partnership constitutes a new service FEI offers. The first workshop took place back in January and was attended by over 80 participants. It was followed by two additional workshops during the month of February. There will be an average of two workshops every month until the end of 2021. The certified workshops are delivered for free to all participating MSMEs and are fully funded by ‘Maharat min Google’ program through Lumas.

The ILO has a long-standing conducive partnership with the Employers’ organization in Egypt, which is considered one of the many concrete steps to ensure MSMEs’ needs and interests are reflected and met in all interventions.

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