The Bureau for Employers' Activities (ACTEMP) contributes to disaster prevention in Myanmar

The ILO’s Bureau for Employers’ Activities (ACTEMP) leads efforts to ensure business continuity in Asian countries most at risk for natural disasters.

News | 07 December 2018

Myanmar ranks, according to the UN Risk Model, as the ‘most at risk’ country for natural disasters, including high risk for cyclones, storm surges, tsunamis, flooding and landslides during rainy season and much of the country is prone to earthquake.

The ILO, under the Bureau for Employers' Activities (ACTEMP) leadership, has launched a regional initiative in Asia called the Sustainable and Resilient Enterprise –SRE (, whose aim is to connect enterprises with employers networks and to provide tools for disaster prevention. In Myanmar, ILO/ACTEMP in collaboration with UNOCHA and the Union of Myanmar Chamber of Commerce and Industry (UMFCCI), adapted a specific tool of the SRE platform called “Business Continuity Plan”, which is the first indispensable step to set up a company disaster management system.

In 2018 the toolkit was tested in a number of enterprises; then Train the Trainers activities were organized for UMFCCI dedicated trainers. In November, UMFCCI Training Institute was able to autonomously promote and successfully deliver its first course on Business Continuity Plan for 22 company-members.

UMFCCI Joint Secretary General U Kyaw Dewa expressed his satisfaction: “This training on Business Continuity Plan is definitely useful for our companies which need to be more aware on how simple preventive actions can ensure their business to survive after natural disaster. We are glad our trainers are now able to deliver it. We will include this course in our regular training offer and possibly deliver it beyond Yangon region, where this training is even more needed”.

A good example of successful handing over ILO tools to ILO constituents in a sustainable manner.