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Green jobs

Environmental concerns and the path towards sustainable development pose a challenge but also a major opportunity for business. Enterprises together with their representative organizations need to reconcile long-term business growth plans with sustainable economic development and a healthy environment, and also anticipate effective transition policies that efficiently support enterprises to provide new job opportunities or adapt existing production processes. Business-as-usual is no longer a viable option.

As the voice of business, Employers and Business Membership Organizations (EBMOs) need to offer information, tools and good practices to their members so they can contribute towards a sustainable low carbon future and become effective advocates in national policy dialogues to minimize risks and identify opportunities for enterprises during this transition. For example, EBMOs can provide advice and guidance to their member enterprises on identifying green business opportunities and markets, and offer information regarding resource efficiency and waste reduction. At the policy level, EBMOs can play a proactive advocacy role in relevant national, sectoral, and local climate change policy debates, such as on the changing skills needs resulting from the adoption of green technology and other changes in production, and further advocate for specific measures to enhance enterprise resilience to climate change and ensure transitions are adaptable, affordable and sustainable.