Capacity Building of Employer and Business Membership Organizations

The objective of ACT/EMP´s technical cooperation programme is to promote strong, independent and representative Employer and Business Membership Organizations (EBMOs).  The programme is focused on capacity building in three main areas:
  1. adopting a strategic approach to organizational development and management;
  2. improving services in order to provide value to existing and potential members; and
  3. strengthening the policy influence of EBMOs through evidence-based research and effective communication skills.
It is focused on strengthening the key elements of institutional capacity that EBMOs need to promote their value to members and fulfil their mandates as representative membership organizations designed to advance the interests of their member companies.
ACT/EMP also works closely with the Programme for Employers' Activities at the ILO International Training Centre (ILOITC) based in Turin.  Through this program, and in close cooperation with the Employers’ Group, ACT/EMP offers training and experience-sharing opportunities to EBMOs across a wide range of areas ranging from workplace issues to social and economic issues. These opportunities are crucial in building the capacity of EBMOs and enterprises to play an effective role as social partners and to participate in national agenda setting.