National labour force surveys (LFS) are the main source behind essential headline indicators of the labour market and the world of work. A wide range of economic and social policies, from monetary and fiscal policies to employment, decent work, vocational education and training, and a wide range of poverty reduction and social inclusion policies depend on labour force surveys as their main source of statistics for informed decision-making and monitoring.

The ILO Department of Statistics, as part of its mandate, works to document and consolidate existing national LFS practice, and develop and test new methods to support the collection of work and labour market data, aligned with the latest international standards.

Department of Statistics, ILO

Model LFS questionnaires

What's New

Mar 2019 - Version 2 of Model LFS Questionnaires released (See PAPI,CAPI )

Mar 2019 - Wave 1 of pilot study in Sri Lanka ongoing

Mar 2019 - Preparations underway for cognitive testing of volunteer work module in Senegal and Jordan

Feb 2019 - Cognitive test of volunteer work module completed in Ukraine

Feb 2019 - Pre-test of questionnaires for pilot study in Sri Lanka completed