Application for interpretation

Where a party considers that a judgment is insufficiently clear and requires interpretation by the Tribunal, an application for interpretation may be filed pursuant to Article VI(1) of the Statute. An application for interpretation may only be filed for the purpose of clarifying the decision which appears at the end of the judgment. However, if the decision refers explicitly to one or more of the considerations of the judgment, the application for interpretation may also extend to those specific considerations (see Judgment 3564, consideration 1, and Judgment 2483, consideration 3).

An application for interpretation must satisfy the formal requirements provided for in the Rules; the party applying for interpretation should fill in a specific form available at the web site of the Tribunal, write a brief, provide a list of annexes as well as the annexes themselves, and submit six copies of all these documents. These applications are not subject to specific time limits, nor is there any obligation to exhaust internal means of redress before filing the application.

The form is available hereinafter: