Factsheets and briefs


  1. Publication

    Code of conduct for employers of domestic workers in Zambia

    18 April 2011

    From the Zambia Federation of Employers

  2. Publication

    Country profile: Domestic work legislation in Zambia

    18 April 2011

    The Government of Zambia has recently enacted the Minimum Wages and Conditions of Employment (Domestic Workers) Order, 2011, which has been published as Statutory Instrument No. 3 of 2011 (7 January 2011).


  1. INWORK Policy Brief No. 3

    Inequality, income shares and poverty: The practical meaning of Gini coefficients

    01 June 2010

  2. Publication

    Achieving Millennium Development Goal 4 through Decent Work

    01 May 2010

    Despite progress in some regions, child mortality rates remain intolerably high in poor countries and among the poorest families. Most of these deaths can be prevented. Improving child protecti on and the status of women is key to achieving Millennium Development Goal 4 (MDG4). The International Labour Organization supports efforts to reach MDG 4 with a focus on working mothers, health-care workers, combating child labour and extending social protection.

  3. Publication

    Achieving Millennium Development Goal 5 through Decent Work

    01 May 2010

    For the first time in decades, encouraging progress has been made towards Millennium Development Goal 5 (MDG 5), with global maternal mortality rates having fallen by nearly 35 per cent. However, among low-income countries with longstanding high maternal death rates, progress varied considerably and only 23 countries are on track to achieve a 75 per cent decrease in maternal deaths by 2015. Stronger commitments and better cooperation between UN agencies, governments and other development partners are needed to broadly achieve MDG 5.

  4. INWORK Policy Brief No. 2

    New developments in work sharing in middle-income countries

    01 February 2010

  5. Publication

    Fact sheet on "Workplace solutions for childcare"

    01 January 2010


  1. INWORK Policy Brief No. 1

    Work sharing: A strategy to preserve jobs during the global jobs crisis

    01 June 2009


  1. Publication

    Multiple job-holding

    04 August 2004

  2. Publication

    Negotiating working time

    04 August 2004

  3. Publication

    Compressed workweeks

    01 July 2004

  4. Publication

    Work-sharing and job-sharing

    01 July 2004

  5. Publication

    Working time and productivity

    23 June 2004

  6. Publication

    Paid annual leave

    21 June 2004

  7. Publication

    Conditions of Work and Employment database

    02 June 2004

  8. Publication

    Working time family measures

    01 June 2004

  9. Publication

    Annualized hours (hours averaging) schemes

    01 June 2004

  10. Publication

    Flexitime and “time banking” schemes

    01 June 2004

  11. Publication


    31 May 2004

  12. Publication

    Leave and family responsibilities

    25 May 2004