What's new

April 1998

  1. Work organization and ergonomics

    06 April 1998

    Discusses how to design work to fit business. Pays attention where carry out the production, and how the premises and facilities should be arranged to make the production effective and efficient.

November 1997

  1. Maternity protection at work. Report 87 V (1)

    24 November 1997

    Revision of the Maternity Protection Convention (Revised) 1952 (No. 103) and Recommendation, 1952 (No. 95) ILO

June 1996

  1. Combining work and elder care. A challenge for now and the future

    25 June 1996

    Includes the texts of the Workers with Family Responsibilities Convention, 1981 (No. 156) and the Workers with Family Responsibilities Recommendation, 1981 (No. 165).

July 1995

  1. Workers’ financial participation. East-West experiences (LMR 80)

    06 July 1995

    Focuses on pay schemes which provide, in addition to fixed pay, a variable portion of remuneration linked to some measure of enterprise performance. Discusses advantages and disadvantages of different schemes, the economic, institutional and organizational contexts which encourage their development, and the characteristics of schemes that make them more or less favourable to workers. Countries are treated separately.

January 1993

  1. Equal pay protection in industrialised market economies: In search of greater effectiveness

    01 January 1993

January 1990

  1. Civil service pay in Africa

    01 January 1990