Final report - Supporting the definition and extension of a social protection floor (SPF) in Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands

Final project report.

The project responds to the apparent need for improved social protection for all Pacific Islanders. The lack of adequate social protection system is one of the biggest challenges to Pacific Island Countries’ equitable and sustainable development, as well as a disregards of one of the human rights of its people.
It has the objective of supporting the definition and extension of a social protection floor (SPF), initially in
Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands. As the project progressed, the ILO and the donor also see the need to provide support for the extension of social protection in Fiji.

The project was designed to assist target countries in developing their social protection policies in line with the Social Protection Floor Recommendation (ILO Recommendation 102), with the goal of having more social protection schemes protecting more people with adequate level of benefits.

This report outlines the project’s objective, its strategy and activities, and a summary of outputs achieved. It is followed by a section on challenges and lessons learned and ends with a section on follow-up work needed.