National Action Plan to eliminate Child Labour in Papua New Guinea

The PNG NAP provides a comprehensive framework from which policies and actions can be further discussed and developed to ensure that children are not trapped in child labour, especially its worstforms, and benefit from access to quality education and skills training.

The purpose of the National Policy and NAP is to provide, for the first time, a comprehensive framework that (a) identifies and prioritises goals and (b) provides operational guidance concerning the implementation of relevant interventions to reduce and eliminate the worst forms of child labour, including child trafficking, in PNG. In terms of process, it aims to mainstream and integrate considerations relating to child labour and the worst forms of child labour across relevant government departments and agencies, at senior levels, and provide for systematic multi-stakeholder involvement including NGOs and local community representatives. It also provides for specific actions and outputs relating to the prevention of the worst forms of child labour and protection of children actually or potentially involved.

Its development followed an extensive research and consultation process. The first step was a situational analysis involving a review of relevant survey and research reports. The objectives of this analysis were to determine the characteristics and distribution of child labour and the worst forms of child labour; to assess its determinants; review relevant policy progress to date; and develop a draft NAP and a series of presentations for consultation and discussion. This was executed through the second stage process involving a week-long programme of activity based in Port Moresby in May 2013. This included a three-day National Forum with key stakeholders from the relevant ministries and government departments, trade unions and NGOs. In addition, a series of interviews were conducted with senior DLIR officials as part of a separate consultation process designed to develop a strategic plan for establishing a Child Labour Unit (CLU) within the department. Insights from this primary research and consultation process are drawn on in this report, along with other stakeholder evidence and extensive secondary research documentation.