My guide to employment - For young people in the Pacific

This Guide is intended to assist young jobseekers, especially new graduates, schoolleavers, out-of-school and unemployed youth in their job search- whether working in waged employment or creating their own jobs.

My Guide to Employment is divided into four parts and is organized in such a way as to encourage and engage the young jobseeker in a ‘built-in self-discovery process’, of examining and understanding how personal characteristics relate to occupational choice. It provides information, worksheets and tips needed to better prepare the young jobseeker for the job-seeking journey and to attain decent work and contribute to the improvement of lives around them.

My Guide to Employment has been adapted from the Minute Guide for Young Jobseekers (ILO, 2007), the Pacific Start Your Business Workbooks (ILO, 2009), and Finding the Job You Want (Fiji Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport). Additional information from web resources has been adapted for the Guide to ensure this is relevant to young Pacific Islanders.