Promoting Youth Entrepreneurship for International Youth Day in Samoa

Young Entrepreneurs Chamber (YEC) Samoa made its first debut engagement with the wider public at the national youth week celebrations to mark International Youth Day 2018.

News | 12 August 2018
YEC Samoa information booth at the national youth week
YEC members displayed their products, had a membership drive, engaged in discussions around challenges young entrepreneurs face and ran a selfie competition. YEC was established by the ILO in collaboration with the Pacific Community (SPC) and Pacific Youth Council (PYC) in November 2017. Since then, it has been fully incorporated into the Samoa Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCI).

Though the One UN Youth Employment Programme (YEP) in Samoa, YEC is a major partner in national youth entrepreneurship activities in Samoa. The YEC information booth drew great interests from young people, to senior government officials, development partners and the Samoan Prime Minister. Around the theme “Safe Spaces for Youths”, YEC crafted a set-up that was youth friendly and conducive for open dialogue and participation for youths.

As a result there was increased engagement with other young people and the public and increased membership. The owner of 4R Pacific and YEC member displayed a “Plastic Bank” for the disposal of used and empty water bottles, demonstrating social entrepreneurship.

creating safe spaces for youths to engage
Prime Minister of Samoa visits the YEC information booth

Promoting social entrepreneurship through recycling
selfie competition

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