23-25 May 2017

High Level Tripartite Dialogue on Future of Work in the Pacific

The ILO 11 Pacific member States along with key stakeholders from the Pacific development community participated in the High Level Tripartite Dialogue to discuss the Future of Work in the Pacific and propose recommendations to address the transformations unfolding across the region's labour markets and beyond.


In economies around the world at all stages of development, profound changes in the nature of work are underway. Numerous and diverse drivers account for these changes for instance demographic shifts, climate change, technological innovation, shifting contours of poverty and prosperity, growing inequality, economic stagnation and the ever changing character of production and employment. The transformations we witness now challenges us to imagine the future of work over the long term in order to steer this evolution in the direction of social justice. Rising widespread anxiety about whether the future will produce greater polarization within and between countries brings urgency to this task.

Recognizing the pressing need to begin marshalling global expertise to make the future of work the one we want, the ILO launched the Future of Work (FOW) Centenary Initiative in 2013. Under the global Initiative through a sub-regional dialogue the ILO intends to share the information on the on-going changes in realities of employment and labour markets in the Pacific Island Countries and also facilitate the rethinking of policy direction towards shaping Decent Work.

Programme and participants