ILO - Irish Aid Partnership Programme

The ILO worked in partnership with Irish Aid, the Government of Ireland’s programme of development assistance, to create greater opportunities for women and men, including people with disabilities, to secure decent work and income.

The ILO-Irish Aid Partnership Programme funded projects that focused on the specific needs of people with disabilities. The technical cooperation project Promoting Rights and Opportunities for People with Disabilities in Employment through Legislation, or PROPEL, worked to promote disability rights and the inclusion of persons with disabilities in training and employment on the basis of the experiences drawn from previous phases of the Partnership Programme. Earlier phases of the partnership have successfully contributed to employment related disability rights legislations and the piloting of disability inclusion in programmes and services relating to employment, skills training, entrepreneurship development and access to micro-finance. PROPEL operated in selected countries of East and Southern Africa, Asia and the Pacific.


  1. Video: A day in the life of Jacqueline Minchin
  2. Ethiopia: Women with disabilities harness the power of entrepreneurship - a story of empowerment.
  3. Moving towards disability inclusion.
  4. The price of exclusion: Executive Summary of the economic consequences of excluding people with disabilities from the world of work.

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