The SKILLS Bridge Masterclass

Masterclass Series “The SKILLS Bridge” - Episode 4: Empowering Sector Skills Bodies: Strategies to Overcome Challenges and Improve Effectiveness

This episode of "The SKILLS Bridge" Masterclass series explores the role Sector Skills Bodies can play in enhancing skills and lifelong learning systems demand-driven. Starting from the cases of the UK, India and South Africa, the webinar will discuss best practices, lessons learned, hindering and enabling factors.

Sector skills bodies play a pivotal role in matching skills demand and supply and promoting lifelong learning within a sector. These organizations bring together key stakeholders, including employers and workers organization, enterprises and educational and training institutions, to identify and address the skills needs of the sector. Sector skills bodies.

However, many countries face challenges in establishing and successfully sustaining and operating sector skills bodies. So, this episode of the SKILLS Bridge Masterclass Series will delve into these challenges and the success factors for a sector skills body. The episode will also discuss the experiences of the UK and South Africa, which have a long tradition of having SSBs.

The key topics the webinar will address are:
  • What are the key challenges and enabling factors for the long-term sustainability and effectiveness of Sector Skills Bodies, including a focus on financing their operations.
  • Policy guidance for a country planning to establish SSBs.


Anyone interested in improving skills and lifelong learning systems around the world can join these Masterclasses. There are no fees.



Coordinator and moderator of the Masterclass series:

Ashwani Aggarwal, Team Leader (Skills Policy, Systems and Digitalization), ILO Geneva (