Training materials

To support the implementation of the sectoral Conventions and Recommendations, as well as to assist the improvement of working conditions at the sectoral level, a rich body of sectoral tools have been developed, translated and widely disseminated.

Training programmes are implemented at regional and national levels based on materials specifically designed to address priority issues, such as prevention of HIV and AIDS, promotion of occupational safety and health, and enforcement of labour inspection in particular sectors.

Shipping; ports; fisheries; inland waterways

  1. ILO training package on inspection of labour conditions on board fishing vessels

    29 January 2021

Public service

  1. Promoting constructive approaches to labour relations in the public service

    06 December 2015

Hotels; catering; tourism

  1. Training Package for the Toolkit on Poverty Reduction through Tourism

    01 July 2013

    The training package is a set of PowerPoint presentations with Teaching Notes to enable trainers to conduct workshops with the target audience and bring them through the content of the Toolkit on Poverty Reduction through Tourism.


  1. BEL (Built Environment & Labour) - Formulating Projects and Studies Concerning Labour Issues in Greening the Sectors of the Built Environment

    01 October 2012

    This Manual provides guidance to ILO units and field offices which wish to engage in studies and projects related to greening sectors of the built environment.

Hotels; catering; tourism

  1. HIV and AIDS: Guide for the tourism sector

    01 July 2012

    The aim of this Guide is to help stakeholders in the tourism sector and their affiliated members to develop and implement their own workplace HIV and AIDS policies and programmes as well as to support effective implementation of the key principles established in ILO Recommendation 200.

Public service

  1. Promoting Collective Bargaining and Dispute Resolution in the Public Service - An ILO training workbook

    09 January 2012

    This training workbook aims at developing and strengthening the collective bargaining skills and expertise of workers, the public sector unions and government officials.

Hotels; catering; tourism

  1. Toolkit on Poverty Reduction through Tourism

    12 December 2011

    The toolkit outlines the background to poverty reduction approaches and how the ILO is involved within the context of decent work and the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. Recent developments in tourism and a vision for an inclusive, pro-poor tourism industry are summarized.

Public service

  1. Manual on collective bargaining and dispute resolution in the public service

    01 December 2011

    This Manual seeks to provide examples on how different countries have developed successful mechanisms to prevent and resolve disputes in labour relations in the public service. It showcases effective ways to develop collective bargaining systems and provides approaches and formulas for dispute resolution.

Transport (including civil aviation; railways; road transport)

  1. Driving for change: Training Toolkit on HIV/AIDS for the road transport sector

    05 July 2011

Shipping; ports; fisheries; inland waterways

  1. Training Manual on the Implementation of the Work in Fishing Convention, 2007 (No. 188)

    01 September 2010