Working Papers, vehicles for disseminating information on a range of topics related to the world of work and the evolution of social and labour policies and practices for a given sector, are regularly published and widely disseminated. Background reports and issues papers, which provide more in-depth analysis on specific issues, are also published for discussion at international tripartite meetings and global dialogue fora.


The Sectoral Policies Department is the ILO’s repository of knowledge on sector-specific labour and social issues. Research and studies conducted, in line with the ILO’s research policies, deal with emerging and priority issues of strong interest for ILO’s sectoral constituents.


  1. Publication

    Note on the proceedings : Tripartite Meeting on the Future of Work and Quality in the Information Society: The Media, Culture, Graphical Sector

    22 October 2004

  2. Publication

    The future of work and quality in the Information Society: The media, culture, graphical sector

    01 September 2004


  1. Publication

    The Seafarers' Identity Documents Convention (Revised), 2003, (No. 185) - Brochure

    01 October 2003

    Brochure on Convention No. 185

  2. Publication

    Violence at work in hotels, catering and tourism

    01 October 2003

  3. Publication

    Decent work in agriculture

    15 September 2003

  4. Publication

    Violence and stress at work in the performing arts and in journalism

    01 June 2003

    This review aims to identify issues relating to violence and stress affecting employees working in the media and the performing arts, covering a variety of jobs including acting, dancing, musical performance, media work and front-line journalism.

  5. Publication

    Challenges and opportunities facing public utilities. Report TMCOPU/2003

    16 April 2003

    Reviews developments and trends in social and employment issues in the sector. Examines the role of multinationals, the impact of mergers and acquisitions, the challenge of renewable energy and sustainable development, water and sanitation and the importance of social dialogue in a rapidly globalizing industry.


  1. Publication

    Leaflet on Workplace violence in the Health sector

    01 January 2002


  1. Publication

    Safety and health in small-scale surface mines: A handbook

    01 January 2001