The future of work in the oil and gas industry: Opportunities and challenges for a just transition to a future of work that contributes to sustainable development

This report has been prepared by the International Labour Office as a basis for discussions at the Technical meeting on the future of work in the oil and gas industry (28 November-2 December 2022).

Chapter 1 contains a brief overview of the oil and gas industry today in terms of its structure; reserves and production; consumption; international trade and contribution to gross domestic product (GDP); and employment.

Chapter 2 sets out the megatrends and drivers of change that will transform the industry in the future, with a focus on climate change, technological advances, demographics and globalization.

Chapter 3 describes the decent work opportunities and challenges that the industry faces within the framework of the four strategic objectives that are at the heart of the Decent Work Agenda, and with special attention to the nine key policy areas of the ILO Guidelines for a just transition towards environmentally sustainable economies and societies for all.