Code of practice on safety and health in opencast mines

The original code of practice, "Safety and health in opencast mines", was published in 1991. This revised code reflects the many changes in the industry, its workforce, the roles of the competent authorities, employers, workers and their organizations, and the development of new ILO instruments on occupational safety and health (OSH), including the Safety and Health in Mines Convention, 1995 (No. 176). To this effect, the new code is based on the principles of the Convention, including risk assessment, addresses issues such as the interaction between large-scale and small-scale artisanal miners and also comprises a section on automated machinery, a development that has great potential to change the work carried out by nearly all workers in opencast mines worldwide.

Code of practice | 11 December 2018
The first chapter of this code provides an overview of the code’s purpose, objectives and use. The general duties of the stakeholders are outlined in the second chapter. Chapter 3 comprises guidance on the setting up of safety and health committees in mines, as well as industry tripartite committees on the national level. Chapters 4–8 outline fundamental principles, including on risk assessment and management, and the setting up of OSH management systems and emergency response. The code’s Chapter 9 comprises descriptions of specific hazards, provides input into assessing risks and describes respective control measures. Chapter 10 deals with general controls; Chapter 11 with work organization. It is followed by Chapter 12 on special protection, which addresses issues including general welfare and HIV and AIDS.