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Resource guide on rural development

Select to magnify the image "The potential of rural areas to drive the economy, create productive jobs, improve food security, address environmental and climate change concerns, act as a buffer during crises and generally to promote sustainable and balanced growth, is now widely recognized. The ILO can make an important contribution to addressing the persistent decent work deficits in rural areas that impede the realization of that potential. The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), environmental concerns, and the food security and economic crises now give a sense of urgency to seeking innovative paths and mustering the necessary political and economic will and resources for action and collaboration. The ILO is strategically positioned for this in many thematic areas and approaches."

Unleashing rural development through productive employment and decent work: building on 40 years of ILO work in rural areas, Governing Body, 310th Session, Geneva, 2011 (pdf 612 KB)

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International Labour Standards

Fundamental Conventions

For more information, consult the List of International Labour Standards relevant to rural development and agriculture (pdf 167 KB).

International Labour Standards can be found in the NORMLEX database.


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International Day of Rural Women
15 October 2012

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