Microfinance Support Programme, Viet Nam

Microfinance has played an important role in national, provincial and local efforts to reduce poverty over this period with over 300,000 regular clients to microfinance institutions. However, access to relevant and sustainable microfinance services (credit, savings, insurance, money transfers) remains a challenge. The microfinance industry in Viet Nam still needs investments in all aspects for further development at all levels.

ILO and CORDAID previously partnered between 2006 and 2008 with the project “Reducing vulnerability of low-income households through sustainable microfinance services in Viet Nam”. The Microfinance Support Programme is thus the second partnership which continued and built upon work around the same strategic objective.
The programme worked to enhance the outreach of micro-finance institutions and the impact of their services through professionalized govern-ance, management, and operations in accordance with Government Decrees 28 and 165, legal documents concerning the fostering of microfinance services. This was achieved through the participation of microfinance institutions, trainers and practitioners in relevant training courses, such as: “Making Microfinance Work: Managing for Improved Performance”; and, “Making insurance work for micro-finance institutions”.